Friday, October 8, 2010

Narrative Note

Chronic Heel Neuropathy
My heel issues started about a year and a half ago...
My heels would get really irritated when I went to bed and my heels rested on the mattress as I lay down. The irritation has become progressively worse and now spills over into my days affecting the shoes I need to wear, how long I can comfortably stand or walk. I know I could take some pharmaceutical agent that might decrease my discomfort... but it wouldn't correct the underlying problem only treat the symptom. I try to use natural, non chemical treatments as much as possible.
My Heel Treatments:
1. Sleep with my feet hanging off the end of the bed, so my heels hang freely in the air... not touching anything
2. Sleep with a puffy pillow under my lower legs so my feet can hang off the other side...heels in the air, not touching anything.
3. Wear comfortable wedge shoes that put the weight on the balls of my feet when I walk, instead of my heels.
4. Sit down and put my feet up when I can.
5. Naproxen at bedtime does help somewhat.

I have been giving more thought to getting some nervous system evaluations/assessments done to see where I am at...
Till now I have felt that I would rather just understand the disease process and address issues as they arise. I still feel that way but I also notice a chronic decline in my neurological functioning (GI, Urinary, Heart, Cognition, Peripheral) that might be beneficial to track. I also seek more natural treatment interventions to help me best manage.

I'll think more on it and talk with my Primary Doctor in the near future.

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