Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daily Post

 Neuropathies (central, autonomic and peripheral)- chronic heels
 GI- slowed GI motility
 GU- no problem
 Muscular- improved fine motor strength, improved general endurance
 Immune- ok
 Cardiac- no problems
 Respiratory- no problems
 Psychiatric- slow word recall, decreased ability to multi-task
 Sensory- ok
 Pain/Comfort- right and left lower legs ache
 Sleep/Rest- great night's sleep, asleep at 8:30pm & up @ 6:30am (Ativan & Naproxen before bed), busy day working at the hospital, very tired this afternoon
 Self-Propelled Disease Management:
-maintain appropriate carbohydrate intake
-still feeling over-exerted between working 5days/week and managing family challenges... today was much better than yesterday!

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