Monday, October 4, 2010

Narrative Note

Tonight while watching a movie, I was exposed to a painting by Glenn Wessels.
The piece is called, "Last Leaf Light".
I felt an immediate connection... like sunshine through beautifully colored stained glass windows... a hug from grandma...or the way the right song can warm your spirits.
The painting reminded me of my journey in life...
ever trying to: "look on the bright side",
and always trying to keep my hope and faith in a "positive light".
It was vibrant and chock-full of autumnal hues (my absolute favorite).
I wanted to find a replica for my mantle but...alas Google came up empty and my heart sank.
I froze the scene in the film and took a digital photo in hopes of capturing the image for future inspiration.
Maybe I could buy a canvas and create my own version of "Tsue's Light Thru The Leaves".... sounds like a plan.
After all...
All work and no artistic expression makes for a spiritless girl.

Most Importantly:
Connecting, in meaningful ways, with the world we live in is what "Quality of Life" is really all about.

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