Sunday, October 24, 2010

Daily Post

 Neuropathies (central, autonomic and peripheral)- Heels and lower legs, Heart
 GI- slowed GI Motility
 GU- ok
 Muscular- weak and heavy, recently noted and increasingly painful hardened nodules on both wrists... slight numbness in finger tips
 Immune- ok
 Cardiac- occasional spontaneous episodes of racing and palpitations
 Respiratory- ok
 Psychiatric- slightly "cloudy" feeling, delayed word recall and connection making, stressed and irritable r/t my children's negative behaviors and my spouse's anxiety 2nd to poor time management and a lack of follow-through
 Sensory- light sensitivity, difficulty managing multiple sensory stimuli, great irritation r/t noise and commotion
 Pain/Comfort- lower legs and heels ache, generally irritable feeling, migraine headache afternoon & evening
 Sleep/Rest- fair night's sleep, up late with spouse, tired, family management all day
 Self-Propelled Disease Management:
- Good carbohydrate management
- Increased family stressors... trying to cope effectively
- Poor sleep/rest... will take Rx to improve sleep tonight... have to work full day at the hospital tomorrow

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