Thursday, June 9, 2011

Medications That Have Helped with My AIP

Occasionally/ As Needed
Ativan- PO Q6h/ PRN- Neuro-Sensory Calming
Naproxen- PO Q12h PRN - Pain & Discomfort
Glucose Tabs- PRN to Avoid AIP Crisis
Cranberry Capsules- PRN As Directed- To avoid UTI during episodes of neurogenic bladder dysfunction r/t AIP

Magnesium- PRN As Directed- Neuro-Sensory Calming
Phenergan- PRN Q6h- Neuro-Sensory Calming and Nausea Control

During AIP Crisis
IV Dextrose
IV Morphine
IV Phenergan Alternating with IV Zofran
IV Ativan
IV Hematin

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