Thursday, June 9, 2011

Items That Help My AIP

Meltzers Ginger Mints- to calm nausea
Farinfared Sauna- sweat out toxins, giving the liver a break

Glucose Tabs... watch out for metabolic spikes...only use if necessary (to avoid a crisis)...try to keep steady long-acting carbohydrate state in lieu of fast acting carbohydrate spikes

Reference Books
Instant Oatmeal- great for quick carbohydrates... I prefer cinnamon and apple

Air Purifier- controls your environment, and reduces additional toxins that your body has to metabolize

Organic Food- reduces toxins from pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc.
Water Filtration- reduces contaminates? toxins

AIP Dx and printed APF material in car, in purse, at work, at home- keep printed information with you should you need it (it has helped me several times).

Steam Mop (no chemicals)
APF (or National Porphyria Organization in Country of Origin- Reference and support
Chronic Disease Management-Personal Support
Heel Pillow to raise heels off the bed- decreases peripheral neuropathy discomfort
Pulse Ox- to test O2
Incentive Spirometer- to test lung function, esp r/t AIP crisis
Neuro Test Kit- reflexes, hot/cold, sharp/dull
Ear Plugs- sensory calming
Eye Pillow- sensory calming
Weighted Blanket- sensory calming
Weighted Heating Pad- sensory calming
Under Eye Concealer- Cosmetic Dark Circle Cover Up

Medical Alert Bracelet or Necklace with Disease Name on front and key chain flash drive encryption information on the back

Medical Alert Bracelet or Necklace with Medication Name (if appropriate...for me Neurontin) on front and key chain flash drive encryption information on the back

Encrypted Digital Medical Record on flash drive attached to key chain or in bracelet fashion...many doctors are vaguely familiar with AIP and therefor having your comprehensive medical history at their digital fingertips helps direct your prompt treatment.

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