Monday, April 18, 2011

Image Insights

Physical Body Maintenance and Personal Presentation have always been important to me.
I have always felt the need to "do the best I can with the cards that I have been dealt".
Not from a place of narcissism...or conceit... or even social comparison...
For me...I have been taught since birth to take care of things...avoid being wasteful...make things last!
I strive to apply this concept to my health and appearance.
I encourage family members, friends and patients to do the same.
I believe that "walking the talk" sends a strong message of living by example.
If I were to guide someone to improve well being by investing in themselves yet I appeared to only half-heartedly care for myself (ie. yellowed teeth and ill fitting clothes)...what message am I sending???
A message that I don't truly value myself or the words I speak...because I don't "practice what I preach".
I have found that without a doubt people judge how well you will be able to assist them by how well you take care of yourself.

My routine involves:
Exercising Regularly (elliptical machine and resistance bands)
Stretching Regularly to maintain flexibility (gentle yoga poses)
Eating Mindfully according to my individual metabolic chemistry
Maintaining Stylish Healthy Hair
Participating in Therapy to work through life challenges (as needed)
Keeping my nails (fingers and toes) well groomed and looking nice
Following Up with my Health Care Providers as ordered to maximize optimal wellness
Drink Plenty of quality non-chlorinated/ non-fluoridated, natural water
Observing Current Fashion Cues...dressing modestly...(enhancing to positive aspects of my body type)
Cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating and moisturizing my skin (and using sunscreen)
Brushing and Flossing my Teeth
Whitening my teeth to remove stains
Seeking meaningful human interaction daily!
Avoiding negativity whenever possible
Continuing Education
Taking Saunas to detoxify my body naturally
Spending time every day with my 14 pound Silky Terrier

Even with all of that "front loading" to maximize wellness...I struggle with health and self-esteem challenges.
With AIP, Early Menopause (due to hysterectomy), Autoimmune Thyroid Disease my metabolic efficiency has been severely impacted. I have gained 40lbs in 4 years and gone from a 6/8 to a 14/16. It is very hard for me to accept the new me.
My face is round, my eyes have become deep set with dark under eye circles.
My skin tone and elasticity has way to fine lines and wrinkles.

In my best attempt to manage I have learned that:

Re: Clothes
High waisted, full A-line dresses that have 3/4 sleeves, a V-neck and fall just below the knee are the most flattering for my new body type (large pear).
Pointed toe shoes and accent jewelry complete my best look.
I love the "BORN" shoe line for a modern fashionable look with excellent comfort and durability.
Re: Hair
Shoulder-length or longer full hairstyles with layered, "piecie" bangs are best for my head/ face shape (large and round)
Re: Make-up
A good under eye concealer is a must! Moisturizing, hydrating lotion or cream, organic mascara, eyeliner, eye lash curler, light rouge, matte loose finishing powder and tinted lip balm finish my best look.

Seeking Updated Professional Advice I have scheduled a few hours at a local day spa requesting the following services:
-A one hour make-up lesson to discuss my personal concerns and learn new techniques
-A hair lesson with a Master Stylist to discuss my concerns and learn new techniques
-An eyebrow wax and shape

Look Your Best = Feel Your Best = Act Your Best = Impact the Well being of Others the Most!!!

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