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Johns Hopkins Scholarship to Reach a Goal

The Guided Care Nurse

In Guided Care, a specially educated registered nurse plays a critical and central role in ensuring that patients receive high-quality and coordinated care. Guided Care Nurses reconnect people to the center of care, are empowered to take control of their patients’ care, provide personal support to each patient individually, and offer support to family caregivers.

To become recognized professionally as a Guided Care Nurse, a candidate with a nursing degree and a current license must complete an accredited online Guided Care Nursing course. Upon completion of the course, the nurse is eligible to take an online examination leading to the American Nurses Credentialing Center's new Certificate in Guided Care Nursing.


Email to my Supervisor

I know that the hospital and our department have financial restraints related to approving continuing education opportunities.
I have invested a lot of myself in trying to participate in the JHH “Guided Care Nursing: program.
I have submitted two separate employee request packets over the past 6 months for this program and have not heard back.
I am SOOO Happy to find out that there is now a 100% scholarship available through JHH!!!!
I have completed and submitted all but one requirement….
They require a letter of support from my Supervisor.
I have written a proposed letter…it is attached… if you are ok with it can you Please print it on facility letterhead and sign it???
I need to get it in ASAP to be considered for the next class.
Thank You So Much… I really Appreciate Your Help!!
I truly believe that this information can help improve ED Pt Care Coordination!!!

The Letter

Monday March 28, 2011
Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am aware that our Emergency Department Patient Care Coordinator (ED-CC) has applied for your “Guided Care Nursing” course scholarship. She submitted the essay copied below. The facility and I are indeed congruent with our ED-CC's goal to improve Emergency Department Care Coordination by integrating the principles of “Guided Care Nursing”.

I have been actively searching for a method to finance the Guided Care Nursing Course since I discovered it about six months ago. The day I wandered into the general information web page, describing exactly what a “Guided Care Nurse” does I knew it was the “Cinderella’s Slipper” that I had been seeking. I have been a Registered Nurse working in Case Management settings for seventeen years. “Guided Care Nursing” is a concept that I have always believed in and informally practiced as often as possible.
Currently I am employed by a large medical center, as a Patient Care Coordinator in the Emergency Department. I assist patients, medical staff and others with planning appropriate care, placement, resource intervention, and long-term medical management. We have a large population of patients that are “repeat customers”. Many of these patients have multiple chronic conditions with little to no follow-up support system. They use the Emergency Department as their sole primary resource.
A scholarship would provide the means for me to complete the “Guided Care Nursing Course” and broaden my skill base. I would be better equipped to assist these “repeat customers” with innovative chronic health management strategies. This would not only impact optimal patient wellness, but create improved financial responsibility.
Currently my hospital is fiscally burdened with uninsured and minimally insured “repeat customers” who use the Emergency Department as their sole primary resource in managing multiple chronic issues. Implementing “Guided Care Nursing” Strategies as part of Emergency Department Patient Care Coordination would seriously benefit the patients we serve and the financial impact absorbed by the hospital.


Email Notification of Award

Dear Participant
Congratulations! You have been awarded the Online Guided Care Nursing Course Scholarship to attend the session dated May 2, 2011 – June 10, 2011. We look forward to your participation in this continuing education program. Course logistics for the May 2nd session will be sent to you in the near future. If you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact our office at 443-287-4745 or via email at

Follow Up

I am excited to gain insight and intervention strategies to improve our ER patients quality of care/ quality of life.
My thought is that the Care Coordination/ Case Management Skills I gain, will also add to my knowledge base as a community resource in Chronic Disease Health Care Management. As life slowly unfolds and my career path becomes illuminated... I feel drawn to assist people who are faced with the challenge of navigating life with chronic health issues.

After completing this program (& Guided Care Nursing Certification Exam) I hope to begin preparing for the ANCC National Case Management Certification Exam for RNs.
( )

Continuing Education Interests:

Medicare Guidelines
Environmental Health
Genetics/ Genomics
Autoimmune Disorders
Acute Porphyria

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