Thursday, November 4, 2010

Daily Post

 Neuropathies (central, autonomic and peripheral)- ok
 GI- ok
 GU- ok
 Muscular- ok
 Immune- ok
 Cardiac- ok
 Respiratory- ok
 Psychiatric- good day
 Sensory- ok
 Pain/Comfort- ok
 Sleep/Rest- fair night's sleep, work at hospital 8am to 2:30pm, evening lady's get-together with work associates
 Self-Propelled Disease Management:
- Today I packed an insulated shopping bag for work... cold filtered water to drink... hot filtered water for oatmeal... a variety of instant oatmeal packets...carrot juice... sandwich fixings left over from yesterday...and a little home made cranberry sauce that I made last night (to use as a spread on my sandwich)... it took quite a bit of planning but worked out pretty well...I even passed up several opportunities for cookies, candy and pastries while working!
- Went for my 6 month follow-up with my Hematologist this afternoon (see Narrative Note)

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