Friday, August 26, 2011

Wine with Dinner

I had some delicious wine with dinner tonight. It is my husband's birthday. My AIP very rarely can deal with any alcohol at all anymore. It really does seem to be both an age, and a life-time of accumulated exposures to triggers situation. In my late teens, twenties and early through mid thirties I was able to tolerate ocassional alcohol consumption the same as any other regular person... not so today! One glass and it's on! My switch is flipped... I cannot urinate... I cannot sleep (it is 1:20am)... I am irritable and restless... "It is what it is"... I made a poor choice joining my husband in having that glass of wine with dinner! Hopefully things will slowly calm and pass...I will be extremely "kind" to my AIP tomorrow...carbohydrates, lots of rest, and if possible, a low stimuli envronment.

This week has been SEVERELY stressful and my AIP has been down right evil to me. My husband (a teacher) returned to work last Monday and I have been home alone doing my best to take care of our twin 8yr old boys with significant behavioral issues (more about that in my next book). Life goes on in spite of AIP... and I truly prefer a life with my family, than a life alone without them. I continue to do my best to make it work.

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