Friday, March 18, 2011

Look Good = Feel Good

My Porphyria activity/ severity can be clearly gauged by how dark my under eye circles become.
I honestly look like Old "Uncle Fester" from the "Addams Family"!!!
If I am super sick...well it just doesn't matter how I look.
If I can manage to remain actively engaged in life I do my very best to do so.
I try to invest in my appearance... I want to do the best with what I have... It keeps self esteem at a positive end of the spectrum and can lift spirits too!
The dark circles are a real problem!
Hiding them with traditional makeup is impossible...I have tried them all,
I did some research and found a "medical make-up" called "Dermablend"...
I bought the "Quick-Fix Concealer" made for "severe skin flaws"...
It works very well and I don't see "Uncle Fester" when I look in the mirror anymore!!!

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