Friday, March 18, 2011


At 9am this morning I was wheeled via stretcher to the procedure room for a colonoscopy.
At 41 years young I had my first colonoscopy 3 years ago because my father struggled with Cancer that began in the colon.

I am glad I went 3 years ago... they found and removed an abnormal area.
I didn't need to return for 3 years!
Now...after today... I am cleared for 5 more years!!!
The Colonoscopy is a great Cancer prevention/ early detection tool that I promote Whole-Heartedly!!

It is a little harder for people with AIP.
My first experience was awful! I was absolutely miserable and stayed unwell over a week!
I didn't know that I had Acute Porphyria back then!

My AIP Colonoscopy Protocol:
1. Schedule the procedure first thing Friday morning (if possible)
2. Take Thursday and Friday off from work (and make sure the weekend is clear of obligations)
3. If I still had a menstrual cycle I would try to schedule the procedure the week or two after menstruation ends
4. I use a "Dulcolax" and "Mirilax" colon "cleanse" process outlined by my Gasteroenterologist
5. The day before the procedure I am only allowed "clear" I drank GREAT quantities of blue "Gatorade" to keep my carbohydrates from dipping too much... this also helps in avoiding dehydration
6. I thoroughly went over my AIP diagnosis with the GI doctor and the Anesthesiologist... giving them both printed literature I ordered from "The American Porphyria Foundation"
7. I determined ahead of time which medications I would be receiving and made sure that they were AIP "SAFE"
8. The nurse started an IV infusion of dextrose as soon as I arrived
9. I packed a small meal for after the procedure
10. I went home and rested for the remainder of the day

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