Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Biggest AIP Trigger is STRESS

While life is stressful for almost everyone, I believe that God has seen fit to put several "extra portions" of stress on my plate. My career is gone now... I am primarily home bound to filter my triggering environmental and situational triggers (perfume, high sensory stimulation ect.)... I sauna... I meditate... I go to a therapist... I talk out my issues... I eat right... I rest... so here it is...
My twin sons are now almost 9 years old... we have experienced consistent behavioral issues for many years... they are increasing... it is constant... the resources haven't been there... the recent diagnosis is multiple Autism Spectrum and Psychiatric Disorders.
I am now in the process of applying for developmental disability services via the health department. I manage the best I can... but real life feels like it is eating me alive.
Prayer and hope keep me afloat most days.

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