Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity & AIP

Foreign Chemicals are Introduced Into the Body in Many Ways...

Medical Prescriptions and Over the Counter Medications
Lifestyle Choices (Smoking, Alcohol, Street Drugs)
Poor Air, Water, Food and Environmental Quality
Hygiene Products

For some people, the body has a very difficult time metabolizing (breaking down) "foreign chemicals" and they can accumulate/build-up in the body causing damage/illness.

For people with Acute Intermittent Porphyria the body's metabolism is already compromised. This population can be especially prone to accumulating toxins.This problem is intensified by the fact that in trying to metabolize the "foreign chemicals" the liver initiates an Acute Episode of AIP. These people can experience both the "foreign chemical" accumulation, causing damage... simultaneously with an ALA, PBG and Porphyrin toxic accumulation.

There are several Porphyria Organizations World-Wide that maintain an Evidenced-Based list of AIP Safe Medications and Medications known to "Trigger" Acute Attacks of AIP.

People with AIP must learn to identify the Environmental and Lifestyle Triggers that effect them. Avoiding "Triggers" provides for less Acute Disease Exacerbation and a better Quality Of Life.

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