Monday, July 12, 2010

The Plan

AIP Blog Plan
Population Served:
Individuals with AIP; Medical Providers; Friends, Family and Co-workers related to individuals with AIP
The goal is to openly share my experiences, research and resources with the sole purpose of empowering others to optimize their individual situations.
-I plan to present relevant background information (Personal, Professional & AIP disease specific) from July to September 2010.
-On September 17th 2010 I will begin daily web log entries using a consistent presentation format. I will specifically focus on: Long-Term AIP Health Management Strategies.
-On September 17th 2011 I will evaluate the project and provide relevant feedback.
Anticipated Challenges:
-Posting Every Day may be unrealistic and post length will vary. "Life with AIP" may create some “gaps” in daily continuity, but summaries will be posted to bring the "the gaps together".

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