Friday, September 2, 2011

26 Tests for the Hepatologist (Liver Doctor)

I had an order for blood work to be drawn, one week prior to my upcoming abdominal MRI, so today is exactly one week prior.
"Fastng" began at 8pm last night.
I dropped the children off at school around 8:50am this morning and drove directly to the lab to have my labs done as ordered.
I signed in at 9:18am and one hour later I had my 26 tests (13 tubes) drawn from my right arm. (Over $3K without insurance... $15. copay with insurance... thank God for my husband and his job!)
I have been having a lot of "Porphyria" activity this week... but after having an EXTREMELY stressful morning with my son and fasting for 14 hours, when I asked the lab technician if I could use the restroom, my urine looked like "dark ice tea" and smelled of "old dirty socks".
"Here we go again!" I thought as I rushed to the closest "Starbucks" where I ordered not one, but TWO breakfast sandwiches and a "Tall Skinny Hot Chai". I ate every bit of it all as I drove home...let the dog out...then back in... and now find myself in bed typing my thoughts and day away until I can calm my body enough to rest a bit.

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