Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daily Post

 Neuropathies (central, autonomic and peripheral)- chronic heels
 GI- BM x1, nausea
 GU- altered voiding, neuro-bladder holding urine
 Muscular- ok
 Immune- ok
 Cardiac- no problems
 Respiratory- no problems
 Psychiatric- clear thinking, calm
 Sensory- no problems
 Pain/Comfort- legs and heels dull ache, nausea
 Sleep/Rest- fair night sleep (took Ativan) asleep at 12midnight & up @ 6:30am, teach at community college 8am to 2:30pm, active evening
 Self-Propelled Disease Management:
-maintain appropriate carbohydrate intake
-medication as prescribed
-stress management

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